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In the News: Ira Feldman ’75 presented the new Nathan and Estelle Feldman Sustainability Prize

#PolyPrep alum Ira Feldman ’75 presented the new Nathan and Estelle Feldman Sustainability Prize, honoring his parents, to Head of School Audrius Barzdukas P’20 and Director of Sustainability Brian Filiatraut. The Nathan and Estelle Feldman Sustainability Prize will be awarded to the student who best understands the foundational knowledge of sustainability, how sustainability interweaves with various disciplines and facets of life, how he/she acts on this knowledge as an agent of change to better the Poly community, and exhibits great potential in applying the sustainability framework to his/her chosen career/profession.

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Featured Articles and Reports
International Law News (ILN), Winter 2015 issue on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Ecosystem Services and ISO Standards chapter in D. Pinter & U. Schubert, 2011
“Business & Industry: Transitioning to Sustainability” in J. Dernbach (ed.), Agenda for a Sustainable America, Island Press/ELI, 2009
“Ecosystem Services as a Framework for Law and Policy” 37 Environmental Law Reporter 10756, October 2007.
Recent presentations
Adaptation at COP-21, presentation at Washington College of Law, November 2015
ISO Adaptation Standards, presentation at COP-21, December 2015
Public-Private Partnerships for Sustainability, presentation at World Bank, November 2013
presentation at ELI,
February 2015
New Delhi presentation to TC 207, September 6, 2015
Advancing Adaptation to GSN 2.0, April 21, 2016