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Featured Articles and Reports
International Law News (ILN), Winter 2015 issue on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Ecosystem Services and ISO Standards chapter in D. Pinter & U. Schubert, 2011
“Business & Industry: Transitioning to Sustainability” in J. Dernbach (ed.), Agenda for a Sustainable America, Island Press/ELI, 2009
“Ecosystem Services as a Framework for Law and Policy” 37 Environmental Law Reporter 10756, October 2007.
Recent presentations
Adaptation at COP-21, presentation at Washington College of Law, November 2015
ISO Adaptation Standards, presentation at COP-21, December 2015
Public-Private Partnerships for Sustainability, presentation at World Bank, November 2013
presentation at ELI,
February 2015

video-play-3-512A conversation on COP21 and what it means for adaptation

December 22, 2015

video-play-3-512ABA-SEER, CCSDE – “First Next Steps—Implementing the COP-21 Paris Agreement”

March 10, 2016


video-play-3-512Exploring Ecosystem Services

video-play-3-512The Challenge of Climate Adaptation

video-play-3-512Environmental Policymaking